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Whether you require a complete formal business look or a little sophisticated yet formal look or somewhere in between both, some useful tips on keeping your office wear trendy is essential. This can help you with the right look for diverse occasions such as, going for an important meeting, a job interview or an important presentation.
While you are selecting clothes for your office wear, it is key to be specific about formal, casual or in between both. Following are some important office wear tips for men:


Office wear generally falls in the formal category, although not always entirely dressy. The office wear clothes need to be ironed properly, worn with appropriate ties and the shoes are supposed to be polished and clean. These basic rules remain the same across offices, even though the dress code may vary.

Mix your Denim with Some Colour

You can pair a bright colour shirt and tie combination in complementary colours and wear it along with a blazer in a neutral shade. This can give a much needed change in the regular formal look with a dash of colour which enhances the whole attire.

Mix and Match Patterns

Mixing and matching the patterns of your shirt, pant and blazer in the same colour family is another tip to improve your office wear. Understated patterns on your jacket, pant or shirt can give some visual texture to your clothes.

Wear your Suit Minus a Tie

You can also try wearing your suit without a tie by pairing it with a well-fitting crewneck sweater. It enhances the well-tailored suit look by bringing in a change from monotony.

Try Different Style Shirt Collars

Shirt collar is another area where you can experiment different styles to bring variety. You can try button down style for a crisp white shirt or a spread collar shirt paired with a skinny knit tie can be worn on a casual Friday.

Office Briefcase Styles

Wearing the right briefcase is equally important which can upgrade your office look considerably. You can either go for a minimalistic look with a sleek, compact leather bag in a neutral shade or choose a textured leather bag with straps and handle or a slightly larger sized bag suitable for travels.

Footwear and Perfumes

Apart from the classic office wear lace-up shoes, you can try diverse styles of shoes as part of your office wear like leather slippers or suede boots. It is advisable to keep your office fragrance as understated as possible which can effortlessly bond with your body and skin. In addition to this a leather strapped, non-complicated watch can add that sleek and classic style to your office wear.


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