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Obasanjo: Poverty and insecurity have no place in Nigeria.


Previous President Olusegun Obasanjo, the Chief General, World Trade Organisation, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and a previous president, Nigeria Bar Affiliation, Olisa Agbakoba, among other remarkable Nigerians proffered answers for the challenges confronting the country.

They talked on Saturday at the 113th commemoration of Ruler’s School. The commemoration address named, ‘Building the perfect Nigeria,’ was coordinated by the Ruler’s School Old Young men’s Affiliation.

Obasanjo, who drove the Ruler’s Week 2022 colloquium which was held at the Lords School, Lagos, expressed Nigeria as a nation was poor, uncertain, and had different challenges in view of its selection of pioneers.

”We are politically partitioned, economically disunited we are no place, we are down the channel. Diplomatically, Nigeria isn’t at the table. Before we had sent troops to Sudan, Serria Solitary however today, we can’t send troops to the Republic of Benin. There are three races on the planet, white, yellow, and dark. For the present, America is driving the whites, the Chinese is driving the yellow race, and Nigeria with 225m individuals is made by God to lead the dark race. At the point when we quit disheartening ourselves we can deal with the landmass and the dark race. Nigeria has no business with destitution, weakness, or political division.

”It is the attentively or coincidentally decision of our chiefs. It isn’t God’s decision for us. In the event that God hasn’t picked that for us we can improve. For Nigeria, we have done a couple of things right however we have not kept on getting everything done as needs be.”

As she would like to think, Okonjo-Iweala said that Nigeria misses the mark on common agreement that would direct the country in the administration of its assets.

She said, ”Nigeria can battle neediness, Work on individuals’ life assuming it is appropriately made due. Our income sources are not expanded we rely just upon one income. Nigeria misses the mark on consecrated common agreement in the country; there ought to be a rule that directs specific things that ought to be holy. We ought to have core values to conclude how we make due, save, spend and make lively moves on our incomes. As a country, we really want to have specific signs of how our economy ought to be represented. Assuming we do this, we have such a huge amount to acquire.”

Agbakoba said, ”We have been to a ton of gatherings it is the ideal opportunity for us to confront the genuine inquiry, we won’t ever emerged from this in the event that we don’t sit and inquire as to whether we are really one until the infractions are handled.”

Another visitor speaker, previous INEC Administrator, Prof. Attahiru Jega, charged Nigerians to engage in the political and constituent cycles to work on the nature of pioneers that are being introduced for elective situations by ideological groups.

”Starting around 1999, till date, there has been a striking decrease in the nature of pioneers. This is brought about by the absence of proper determination and measures in Nigeria’s administration and constituent cycle.”

For the previous leader of KCOBA, Dr Sony Kuku, ”Assuming we have the ideal individuals who love Nigeria, on the off chance that we can get individuals into administration without godfatherism, ‘Ghana should go,’ the better for us.”


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