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NNPC Discreetly Supports Petroleum Siphon Value Climb To ₦179/Liter


NNPC has supported a vertical survey in the siphon cost of PMS from N165 per liter to N179 per liter, compelling today (Tuesday).

NNPC in a notification to fuel advertisers guided them to change the petroleum cost on siphons to the new cost compelling today. This was even as the organization similarly expanded the ex-warehouse cost from N148.17 to N167 per liter.

This came following quite a while of petroleum shortage reemerged the nation over as fuel retailers were taking on various value bands to compel unofficial liberation endeavors.

As of now, greater part of filling stations in Lagos have embraced different cost models. While some filling stations have changed the cost on their meters to mirror the ongoing value they are selling at, others have passed on theirs to show the endorsed retail cost of N165 per liter however were selling over the showed cost.

For example, the Mobil filling station on Agidingbi sold a liter of petroleum at N170 per liter on Friday and that was clearly shown on their meters.

The advancement was additionally something very similar at Enyo filling station at Chisco transport stop, in Lekki, which presently sells for N170 per liter, Eterna filling station at Jankade transport stop, Lekki sells at N180 per liter and Mobil Documenting station, by Osapa London, Lekki currently selling at N170 per liter.


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