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Nnamdi Kanu is Dead? By Charles Awuzie


My newsfeed is aflame with Biafra Day tributes… From beautifully scripted eulogies to ugly black and white images reminding us of the sufferings and dehumanization of our fathers in the horror historically tagged Biafran War. BUT..

Nobody is asking WHERE IS NNAMDI KANU?
Nobody. Not IPOB noisemakers, not Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo Newsmakers… Not our friends in the South West, Not our brothers in the South South… Everyone is minding their own business. We have moved on too soon. We have forgotten that young man who abandoned the comfort of London to fight for the freedom of his people in Nigeria. We have closed our eyes to the way the Nigerian government SILENCED that vocal lion ?. We have stopped asking questions. Our silence at a time like this is more wicked than the Python’s Dance which claimed the lives of several young men and drowned the memory of Nnamdi Kanu and his innocent father who was a royal king.

For your information, I wasn’t a lover of Nnamdi, I didn’t like the fact that he introduced Judaism to my people. Judaism is a racist religion which teaches that only the Jews are accepted/acceptable to God. So any black person who joins Judaism must first lie to himself that they are Jews. That’s the case with my people – we started lying to ourselves about our identity. Even to this day, a lot of Eastern Nigerians still believe in the lie that they are Jews. This is a case for another day. Nnamdi Kanu soared on the wings of religion because being a highly intelligent specie, he knew that our people will fall for anything that has God’s name on it. Religion is truly the opium of the black mind. BUT…

I still believed in the cause championed by Nnamdi Kanu even though I might not have liked his style or approach. I am a cause-centric person, I focus on the cause and not the person championing the cause. I may have personal issues with the approach of some people championing the current on-going Apostolic Reformation but for the fact that I believe in the cause they are championing, I will stay connected to them, care for them and love them. That’s my kind of person. That was why I stayed connected to the cause Nnamdi Kanu was championing and I cared for him in several ways which I might not reveal here.

As we remember May 30th as Biafrans or friends of #Biafra, let’s also remember the blood and tears of our brother #NnamdiKanu. He wasn’t a perfect man but he had a voice that asked for freedom. He was a revolutionary and every revolutionary mind ought to take note of what is done to other revolutionaries. I am a student of revolutions and I am sad at the way the Nigerian Government decided to permanently silence Nnamdi Kanu’s voice.

I have long concluded in my heart that Nnamdi Kanu is Dead and that’s my personal opinion. You might have your own personal view about how this freedom fighter was silenced but respect my right to also believe in my own thoughts. The mere thought that Nnamdi Kanu is now a decomposed matter functioning as manure to our crops is a nightmare to my conscience but the reality that his own people, my people have forgotten him too soon is like a long horrible night in the Pentecostal hell fire ?.



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