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Nnamdi Kanu: Economic activities shut down in Imo


Monetary exercises in Owerri and its environs were closed down yesterday over the sit-at-home request gave by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, following the presence of their confined chief, Nnamdi Kanu, in the Federal High court, in Abuja.

Vanguard assembled in Owerri that the roads of the state capital were abandoned.

At the hour of recording this report, banks, shops, and markets were completely closed down. The transportation organizations and schools shut for business and the significant roads of Owerri were unfilled.

An occupants who addressed Vanguard said they had before gone to the business sectors last Tuesday to purchase the food item that they would use upon the arrival of the sit-at-home.

A broker at the Relief Market Uchenna Mbakwe said: “I went to the market on Tuesday to purchase food things since no one will go out. It is a result of dread of assault that we didn’t go out. it is so particularly terrible as I am conversing with you now.”

Likewise, an educator with a tuition based school in the World Bank area of Owerri, who presented herself as Mrs Ifeoma Okafor, noted, “Individuals have chosen to remain at home due to dread and that it was on Monday that she took her two kids to the town and chose to remain in the town with her significant other until the sit-at-home issues were everywhere.”

Nnamdi Kanu

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