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Nnamdi Kanu a ‘loquacious coward’ – OPC reacts to IPOB’s threat to attack Yorubas


A faction of the Oodua People’s Congress, known as OPC New Era, has described leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, as a ‘loquacious coward’ who after fleeing Nigeria now wants to bring mayhem into the country.

The group said this in reaction to the threat by the IPOB leader to attack Southwesterner if Igbos living in their region were killed in any post-election violence.

However, Comrade Adesina Akinpelu, National Public Relations Officer (PRO) of New Era OPC, in a press release made available to journalists in Ibadan yesterday, said: “Nnamdi Kanu is nothing but a ‘loquacious coward’ who wants to take advantage of every situation to advance his narrow-minded interest.

“If not for the purpose of setting the record straight; OPC would not have descended so low to react to Kanu’s careless postulations.

“This is a guy who brainwashed many young Igbo youths into joining IPOB and left them to be killed by soldiers. This coward who fled the country like a thief in the night is now threatening to attack Yoruba land.

“We urge him to carry out the threat. What soldiers did to him and his brainwashed members will be a ‘child play’ compare to what we would do to them.”

Notwithstanding his reaction to Kanu’s threat, Akinpelu said his group noted the reported attacks on people of Igbo tribe living in Lagos State during the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

He called for the immediate arrest of those who perpetrated the attacks.

He said: “We members of Oodua People’s Congress, New Era, condemn in its totality the recent attack on Igbo people in Lagos State over their decision to cast their votes to those they want.

“How can any sensible person attack fellow human being just because he or she has a preferred candidate to vote for? Every Nigerian has the right to vote for any candidate he or she wants. Those miscreants who attacked and prevented law abiding Igbo people from voting in Lagos State and their sponsors must be fished out and made to pay for their crimes.”

Akinpelu added that the former OPC members who took part in the attack have deviated from what OPC stands for and so they must be made to pay for their crimes as they are bad eggs.

“These are the bad eggs who are no longer members of the OPC. These are the miscreants that we are talking about. We organised an election stakeholders meeting before the election in Ibadan and we raised the alarm that some former OPC members were trying compromise the integrity of the Congress by becoming attack dogs to a high profile politician in Lagos State,” he explained.


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