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Nigerians won’t be able to afford beef if we stop open grazing now –Alhassan, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore Secretary General


The Secretary General, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore Fulani Socio-Cultural Association, Mr. Saleh Alhassan, in this interview with TUNDE AJAJA and JESUSEGUN ALAGBE, speaks on the lingering farmers-herdsmen clashes in the country and the way forward

The Federal Government has recommended setting up 94 ranches in 10 states, but there have been reports that your association is against it. What’s your own position on ranching as an option?

You see, the present livestock transformation policy that they just adopted is a multiple model. There are states where ranching will work, particularly in the north, where you have ecological zones that are friendly to the breeding of livestock. Why we were initially apprehensive about ranching as the only option was because of the cost implication. You can’t afford ranching if you don’t have the capital requirement. Secondly, the type of cattle we have in Nigeria are not suitable for ranching. So, you need a period to change the stock through cross-breeding and improvement of the varieties. People don’t understand that pastoral farming is not just a business; it’s a culture and if you want to transform a culture, you need to go through transitional phases.

  1. Anthony Tony says

    Nonsense beef at expense of human lives

  2. Ojodale Samuel says

    Capital lie. Which value does it add 2 our lives.

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