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Nigerians react to news of Muslim Rights Concern (Muric) group giving Falz 7-day ultimatum 


Nigerians react to news of Muslim Rights Concern (Muric) group giving Falz 7-day ultimatum

– Recently, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) group called out the rapper and gave him a 7-day ultimatum to withdraw the video they believe is hate induced – Some Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react to the threat made by Muric

On May 26, rapper Falz dropped a banging jam titled This Is Nigeria, with an illustrative video which holds a mirror to the challenges facing Nigeria. The video immediately went viral but with heavy criticism on the use of young girls wearing hijab, dancing Shaku Shaku. It got heated up when Muslim Rights Concern (Muric) group gave the singer a 7-day ultimatum to withdraw the video of face penalties and legal action. Although Falz is yet to respond to the threat, sources claim the law degree holder has no plans to take down the video. Interestingly, Falz also has the supports of many Nigerian fans who immediately took to Twitter to defend the video which they believe addresses the failing system in Nigeria and sends a deep message to the overwhelming bad governance in many institutions around the country.

The social media users defending Falz all shared a view that there are more disturbing issues than the choice of illustration in the music video which has now gathered almost four million views on Youtube since its initial release.

Some have reasoned that the actions of the critics are uncalled for and energy should be re-directed towards repairing the damage eating up the country than waging war on the messenger.



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