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Nigerian Man Narrates how Computer Village pickpockets “flexed” him with his money in Lagos.


A Nigerian Singer who is also into the clothing business has narrated his ordeal at the hands of pickpockets located at the popular Computer Village in Lagos.

The man who goes by the handle @Kefchild on Instagram wrote with conviction that everybody is mad in Lagos.

Nigerian Man Narrates how Computer Village pickpockets “flexed” him with his money in Lagos._2

He wrote ;

THIS LAGOS IS JUST A MAD CITY!!! And NO, i didnt just buy a new phone its actually old same as the wallet… Now to my story

I got robbed or should i say picked pocketed TODAY!, computer village! (iphone and wallet) called my robbers on the stolen phone, they billed me 20k, ok my atm is in my wallet which had 3k7 in it (the money don go) told me to meet them up at a bar, i got there, negotiated 10k which they agreed, they escorted me to a near by ATM n i withdrew 10k, one said i look familiar that what do i do, i said i’m in the clothing business also an artists, he said “eheeenn mo ti ri e ninu teli jare” ah starboy” (that he’s seen me on television, I’m a starboy lol) they asked for my songs as one also said he’s an artist (we were standing on the road talking like friend’s) i played my video n he said “ahhhh mo mo orin yi now, moman wo lori galaxy olorun” (he knows the song he watches it on galaxy tv) to my suprise he could murmur d chorus part lol…. Ok where is my property? One of them said in youruba “omo aye ni bobo yi,o sure gan, ma binu, oya mabo jalo ra otin fun e ati eja” (that am a correct guy, they like the way I’m handling the situation so let dem flex me with my own money at a bar) i said no thanks, they said then i dont want my property,….. Well, I’m on my way home now n i have 2 plastic orijin n orijin beer with asun in my belly, my wallet and iphone, courtesy of my robbers and my money!!!…WE ARE ALL MAD IN THIS LAGOS!

WELCOME TO GIDI! Survive here and you’re fully equipped to survive anywhere on earth!!! Ps; i cant make this shit up!!!


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