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Nigeria Constitution is Carefully Designed to Frustrate and Suffocate the Igbos—Nnia Nwodo


thebiafrastar-The APC had set up a committes on restructuring headed by Kanuna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai and they came up with the report that was accepted national leadership of the party.

Nwodo, speaking on Arise TV, said that the military carefully structured the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria against Ndigbo

Nwodo said the president has not been faithful to his manifest, adding that he (Buhari) is looking for his own personal interest.

The Ohanaeze Ndibgo presiudent-general nated that the constitution was based on extreme discrimination and jaundiced against the igbo people

“the military designed a constitution at the end of the war to contain the igbo

“We have smallest number of local governments of all the six geopolitical zones;smallest number of representative in the National Assembly; the smallest number of local government councils’ two states in the North west of Nigeria have as much governments as we have in the south East’he said.


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