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N’Golo Kante – A Class Act

N'Golo Kante - A Class Act

That might well be the case, but on the evidence of what we`ve seen in the last two games, if Chelsea were to ever lose N`Golo Kante they`d be in dire straits.

As our hopes of Champions League success, in the Nou Camp disappeared amongst a sea of individual errors, N`Golo remained firm and was, in my opinion, the best player on the pitch.

Returning to the King Power Stadium, a place he knew well during his time with Leicester City, N`Golo covered every blade of grass and was exceptional and was rightly named as the man-of-the-match.

There`s no doubting that N`Golo misses having Nemanja Matic next to him with Chelsea struggling to find the right midfielder to play alongside him but his endeavour, work-rate and ability to win the ball back after possession has been conceded, remain second to none.

Following yet another outstanding display, Antonio Conte had a few words of praise for his little midfielder, commenting to the media,

‘N’Golo is a fantastic player. He is incredible the quality that he puts into every game. he played a fantastic game against Barcelona and now Leicester. But the performance of the whole team was good.”

Now N`Golo comes across as a shy individual who rarely speaks to the media but, after the Leicester game, it was only fitting he was asked for a few words after his current side had beaten his previous side, but it as only a few words though, with the Frenchman remarking,

‘I think Leicester played very well. It was important for us to win that, it is the only title we can have this season and we have to fight to the end.’

We do, the season is never over until the Fat Lady sings!



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