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Ndume threatens to quit Nigeria over ‘ticking time bomb’ as Senate slams FG on employment embargo, salary increase


Congressperson Ali Ndume (APC Borno South), Thursday, taken steps to stop Nigeria if pertinent specialists deny set up things by diffusing what he called the ‘ticking delayed bomb’ .

Ndume conveyed the intimidation while responding to entries made by the Chairman of the National compensations, Income and wages Commission (NSIWC), Mr Ekpo Nta before the Senate Committee on Establishment where the administrators dropped intensely on the central government over ban set on business but with yearly increments on intermittent use.

Disappointment of Nta to tell the council the aggregate sum of compensations and wages the central government pays its labor force yearly, maddened numerous individuals from the board who asked why repetitive use in yearly spending plan isn’t diminishing by virtue of ban set on work and retirements at the different organizations .

In particular, Senator Ali Ndume in taking up the NSIWC chief, said he expected to realize the complete compensation bill of the national government laborers in capturing the perilous pattern of expansions in yearly intermittent consumption part of the financial plan without new enrollments and even with retirement of laborers on yearly premise.

“Truly talking, delayed bomb is ticking out there with this arrangement due to the entryways shut out against a great many adolescents looking for work through the ban.

“Making it troubling is the way that regardless of the strategy, beginning around 2018 till now, intermittent use parts of yearly spending plan have been expanding.

“In 2018, it was N3.5trillion , N4trillion in 2019, N4.5trillion in 2020, N5.6 trillion 2021 and N6.83trillion in the projected N16.39 trillion 2022 spending plan.

“It is terrible for intermittent consumption to be expanding on yearly premise without expansion in the quantity of labor force through required enrollments.

“The ban is going to a delayed bomb that can detonate at whenever as seen in certain nations in late past.

“By and by, I’m now considering where to race to if the avoidable emergency isn’t turned away. I visited Ghana and Niger as of late in such manner,” he expressed.


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