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Names of 56 persons eating Nigeria like termites — Al Mustapha alleges


Previous Chief Security Officer to late military Head of State General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al Mustapha has affirmed that Nigeria was being held prisoner by a gathering of 56 people who were eating the nation like termites.

He said while he was in confinement where he was tormented and informed that he wouldn’t get by, he came to comprehend that these gatherings of 56 from varying backgrounds, were more extravagant than in Nigeria and assuming they will choose to go on vacation, the nation will thrive.

Al-Mustapha said assuming that he becomes President in 2023, he will go to sweeping lengths, without dread or favor to change the current state in which the nation had tracked down itself.

That’s what he flaunted assuming he turns into the President of Nigeria, he will end the Boko Haram revolt that has beset Nigeria, in 6 months or less.

Al-Mustapha talked in a meeting with the Hausa Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation ( BBC) observed by Vanguard in Kaduna.

He said he would move and reside in the Sambisa woodland in Borno state which is viewed as the focal point of the Boko Haram, where he will do whatever it takes to kill the guerillas.

As indicated by him, he would guarantee that what Almighty Allah said is being stuck to whenever he is confirmed as President, demanding that “I will manage the issue of instability regardless of whose bull is gutted.”

He regretted over the way Nigerian troopers were currently purportedly ” less dynamic and not completely dedicated like previously “, saying ” take a gander at the officer, all Nigerian fighters I presently see them like police officers of old since they’ve proactively become like the police… and the police that you’ve, is awful. They have ruined. “

” I, this is the very thing that I can do in a half year, individuals will fear what will be done however that is the main truth. “

He said he will update the military inside that time of a half year, which will be an agonizing activity however vital to reestablish the brilliance of the Nigerian troopers how they were known previously.

“For example; take a gander at the senseless demonstrations of Bako Haram, I swear on the off chance that it is unimaginable in a half year, I will downgrade this large number of senior officials and send them home. They would be arraigned and should return the cash given to them. I will test them.”

” assuming I become the President I will. live in Sambisa, I will remain you during end of the week occasions and check whether anything will contact me,” he said.

The previous security official to Abacha announced that he was able to challenge for the Presidency of Nigeria in 2023 under the foundation of Action Alliance ( AA).

He said this present time is an ideal opportunity for him to be completely dynamic in legislative issues.

As indicated by him, the affiliations that contributed cash and purchased the assignment structure for him were those that let him know on which political stage to challenge.

He referenced that President Buhari is an individual they appreciated and cherished since their experience growing up, yet the two significant ideological groups had spooled Nigeria.

Al-Mustapha claimed that once Buhari believes an individual, he could never beware of such individual and in this way, those individuals encompassing the President were the people who supposedly ruined the country.

He guaranteed that as President, he would begin by making himself a model to have a degenerate free Nigeria.

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