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My heart breaks – R. Kelly’s ex-wife reacts to conviction


Drea Kelly, the ex of incredible R&B artist, R Kelly, has responded to the liable decision in the sex dealing preliminary of the artist.

As per Drea, she is sorrowful over the heritage their youngsters need to manage.

My heart breaks - R. Kelly's ex-wife reacts to conviction

Kelly, when one of the greatest selling R&B artists, was sentenced on each of the nine counts after about 25 years of utilizing his distinction and abundance to bait underage young ladies and individuals for sex.

The ‘Tempest Is Over’ vocalist is confronting life detainment after he was seen as liable on September 27 by a New York court.

UK Metro reports that the 54-year-old was sentenced by a government jury on each of the nine counts including racketeering and infringement of the Mann Act, which forbids the vehicle of ‘any lady or young lady’ across state lines for any ‘corrupt reason.’

Notwithstanding, Drea who imparts three kids to the shamed star opened up on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday.

My “heart breaks as a mother,” she said.

“I sit in an undeniably challenging spot in light of the fact that dissimilar to the remainder of his casualties, I share youngsters with him [and] I was hitched to him,” Drea told the program. “I wear two caps. I wear the cap of a survivor, however I likewise wear the cap of a mother and an ex.

“It’s undeniably challenging for me. I feel my heart is in two spots. My heart most certainly goes out to the survivors and the boldness it takes to approach and recount to the story, however my heart breaks as a mother since this is currently the inheritance my kids should manage and their youngsters’ kids.

In front of Kelly’s condemning hearing which is booked for May 4, 2022, Drea uncovered that she will uphold their kids, Jay, Joann and Robert, in “whatever they feel”.

“They reserve the privilege to feel whatever they feel, yet I think what is solid… you need to realize how to secure your psychological state and love them from a good ways, and they are not permitted to be harmful in your life since they are your parent.”

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