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Mompha Blames EFCC For Coercion, Intimidation


Web-based entertainment big name, Ismaila Mustapha, known as Mompha, has responded to being announced needed by the EFCC as he blamed the organization for extortion and terrorizing.

The PUNCH had provided details regarding June 30 2022 that Mompha’s nonattendance slowed down his supposed N6 billion illegal tax avoidance preliminary before Equity Mojisola Dada of the Ikeja Unique Offenses Court.

Then in a notification on Wednesday endorsed by its representative, Wilson Uwajaren, the troubled web-based entertainment VIP was proclaimed needed for criminal offense.

Responding to the notification in extensive Instagram posts on Thursday, Mompha noticed that EFCC, through its legal advisor, Rotimi Oyedepo, utilized his nonappearance to extort him.

In the proclamation named, ‘Mompha Needed By The EFCC’ – Reality Story’, Mompha definite the historical backdrop of his capture and arraignment by the EFCC.

Mompha said, “After my capture and arraignment on the principal case at the Government High Court Lagos, on the tenth of December 2021, the court gave me judgment and requested EFCC to deliver my wrist watches and different resources in their authority to me for having been unlawfully seized.

“Being a severe organization, the EFCC in disappointment with the judgment of the court on the arrival of my wristwatches concocted other exaggerated accusations against me.

“On the tenth of January 2022, while I was at there office at Okotie Eboh to recover my wristwatches in consistence with the judgment of the court and following gathering my wristwatches, they held me down at their office and charged me to court the next day on the negligible charges.

“I was summoned under the watchful eye of a natural appointed authority to the EFCC and in effect,I was given an undeniably challenging bail to meet because of which I wound up spending north of two months in jail care while putting forth attempts to meet the troublesome bail.

“After a few endeavors to meet the bail conditions fizzled, I effectively applied for the bail conditions to be decreased which in the long run prompted my delivery.

“Upon my delivery, I ventured out external Nigeria to beware of the government assistance and prosperity of my family and got back to Nigeria presently just for the EFCC Degenerate legal advisor, Rotimi Oyedepo, as opposed to zero in on the laying out his crook argument against me alongside the EFCC usable Kaina Garba, decided to exploit the way that I went to coerce me into entering request deal with EFCC else he would illuminate the Adjudicator I voyaged and guarantee my bail is disavowed thusly settling on me have no decision than to follow his lead.

“I at first rejected yet after such a lot of coercion and terrorizing by Rotimi Oyedepo, I capitulated and was told to pay N142 million naira to EFCC as remuneration and furthermore sign for a one year detainment sentence which I was awkward with and they from there on decreased it to N40 million naira and one year detainment.

“At the point when it ended up being clear to EFCC that I won’t sign the request deal and play to their game, they informed the Appointed authority I voyaged, with next to no substantial proof and negligence.”

Talking on being pronounced needed, Mompha added, “At last it was clear entering the request deal with the EFCC, which they needed to drive me into at all expense, implies I would be sentenced for a wrongdoing I didn’t carry out and thusly become an ex convict.

“Furthermore, this is the very thing that EFCC set off to accomplish with me to empower them produce more virtual entertainment exposure subsequently the franticness in dishonestly pronouncing me needed and misdirecting the general population.

“I believe that the overall population should realize I’m not needed by the EFCC yet rather the court gave seat warrant for my creation in court on the following court sitting.

“I didn’t take from anybody or engaged with any tax evasion. I actually don’t have the foggiest idea why EFCC are jobless to such an extent that they need to taint my appearance. last na global court go settle this matter.”

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