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Miyetti Allah Demand South-West to add Them In Operation Amotekun.


The Myetti Allah Cat­tle Breeders Asso­ciation of Nigeria (MACBAN), Oyo State chapter, has called for the inclusion of its members in the proposed Amotekun initiative in the state.

Bello, while expressing the support of the association to the Amotekun initiative, insisted that only haters of truth would oppose such a move.

“Some of us have been in Oyo State for over 40 years, cohabiting with the natives, married Yoruba women and have children.

“So, our request is to in­clude Myetti Allah as mem­bers of Operation Amotekun to enhance the job of the out­fit, since we know the terrain of where we rear our cattle.

“Having Fulani among the outfit will make it easier for Amotekun men to distinguish between genuine herdsmen and the criminals while on patrol.

“A Fulani man can also serve as an interpreter while interrogating any suspected herdsman,” Bello said.

He admitted that the major objective of the initiative was to curb criminal activities in the society and not to witch hunt any particular body or ethnic group.

At a public hearing held at the Assembly premises on Monday, some stakeholders who were present agreed with the lawmakers that there was need to have a security outfit that would assist the existing security agencies to tackle se­curity challenges confronting the South West region.

He added: “Amotekun will bring unity to Yorubaland because Yoruba people have been speaking with one voice on the issue. The Yoruba have been craving for this and once we start, it would serve the in­terest of every region and not just the Yoruba alone.”

According to him, “I’m sure we all recall the incidents before the establishment of Amotekun, the killings, maiming, kidnapping, and their likes. In the wisdom of our governors, they decided on Amotekun.”

He explained that the bill on Amotekun would be ac­commodated in the existing law, saying, “Amotekun has come to stay and we must stand by it. Our race has spo­ken and we must stand by it, but in line with the constitu­tion.”

He said: “If we are not safe in our backyard, then we can’t say we have a government. With Amotekun, we have regained our freedom from bandits.”

“We are not talking about secession. Yoruba had suf­fered so much for Nigeria, so we can’t secede. Chief Obafemi Awolowo was the leading light for Nigeria,” he said.


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