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Marvel’s anti-hero Deadpool came to Lagos… and got stuck in traffic


Deadpool is in Nigeria for the second time, and this time, it seems the superhero has had enough of Lagos Traffic.


For days now, commuters along Ozumba Mbadiwe Road have been treated to the sight of the dysfunctional Marvel anti-hero covering the full banner space above the Lekki Toll Gate.

The Marvel favourite can be seen stretched out in what is becoming a trademark pose with the words, “I cannot come and kill myself in this traffic” encased in a text bubble.

The banner also carries a small teaser for anyone wondering what the whole point of this is.


Deadpool 2 (Coming Soon)

The banner is part of the promotional campaign for the upcoming release of the Deadpool 2, the second instalment of the Deadpool franchise.

We’ve seen many adverts in that space in the past but this has to be the best of them, a pure masterstroke if you will.

Brilliant and Relevant

For one, the ad captures the spirit of that particular spot and the sentiments that are most likely to be passing through the minds of commuters who are all too familiar with Lagos traffic and may have had enough by the time they get there.

Deadpool is not the most serious of Marvel’s Superheroes (he reminds you of Freakazoid with the weight of a big movie budget on his shoulders) and this banner is consistent with the kind of behaviour you would expect from him.


Who’s seen the Deadpool ad on Lekki toll? ??? Epic!!!

 The anti-hero stole hearts in the 2016 film, “Deadpool” as a hedonistic, hyper-violent anti-hero who was only driven by personal desires and the need for a good time.

The movie came after many failed attempts by Marvel to translate the character’s persona in comics onto the big screen.

The most forgettable of them is perhaps the Cyclops and Wolverine hybrid sold to us as Deadpool in X Men: Origins.

With Ryan Reynolds returning in the leading role and a host of new characters like the villain Cable,   fans have been teased with abit of what the new movie promises to deliver.

Now that we know he’s familiar with Lagos traffic and he can relate to our problems, we’re inclined to come out to support the guy too.


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