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Man And Woman Found Unconscious And Dead Inside Office In Aba


A story that will be compared to Nollywood story line occurred in Aba today Saturday eighteenth June 2022. One Sovereign Blameless Ukaumunna who goes by the sobriquet JahPriest a real estate agent whose office is at No 7 Production line Street Aba on the third floor of the 4-Story Office Complex arranged at Eziukwu Intersection by Processing plant Street. The man altered his vehicle plate number with his moniker JahPriest.

As per the neighbors who share a similar wing of the complex with the man (JahPriest) he was most recently seen on Tuesday when he entered his office with a be in her late lady forties or mid fifties. They all offer the very significant entry on that floor of the complex. From their records, the man and the lady didn’t leave the workplace at the end of business on that Tuesday.

No one thought that anything inappropriate may have happened to both of them until yesterday (Friday seventeenth June 2022) when a hostile scent covered that finish of the complex. Indeed, even those on the subsequent floor and Fourth floor were seeing that hostile scent When his neighbors couldn’t bear the smell, they had to close early yesterday by the smell. The guardian was informed about this abnormal smell for him to make a move.

Yours truly at the end of work yesterday, I needed to hold onto my breath while descending the steps. My office is on the fourth floor. I put a call across to the guardian telling them of the smell. He vowed to include the police as the man’s telephone is turned off. The overseer had the option to get across to the man’s better half in the wake of making a progression of calls today. Together the two of them went to Region Order to make section. Two Cops from the area order accompanied them to the complex. The Cops broke the entryway of the man’s office, and a modern day miracle a man and a lady were lying in that office. From the start, the two bodies looked dormant yet a more intensive look uncovered that they were as yet alive. Having not eaten for a really long time he was looking extremely powerless and fragile when he was brought out.

The man did what shocked each and every individual who was higher up at the time he was brought out from the workplace he mentioned a jug of chilled Coke. One will ask why the one who is as yet cognizant put forth no attempt to be safeguarded yet rather decided to remain with a disintegrating body.

In all actuality nobody can learn what precisely prompted the lady’s passing as the two of them were as yet spruced up at the time the man was saved and the lady’s carcass cleared from the structure.

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