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Make pounded yam with a blender with these easy steps


Pounded Yam is a staple dish and the most loved Nigerian fufu meals.

Preparing this dish can be so stressful too because to pound the yam the traditional way with mortar and pestle takes a lot of energy and sweat.

But your blender can save you. A food processor and stand mixer can do the magic too.DIY: Make pounded yam with a blender with these easy steps_1



WaterPreparation of pounded yam

1. Boil your yam till the yams are well done. Make sure you cut them into small pieces.

2. Put the pieces of yam into your blender, blend for 2 seconds and add a few more. You can keep checking it and once it is smooth, stop the blender.

Note: If you leave it running for too long the pounded yam becomes softer and elastic.

Serve your pounded yam with your favourite soup.


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