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“Let Igbos Be,They are Innocent People; Igbos are not the Origin of 1966 coups” – Obasanjo Open Up those behind Scene.


The Formal Military and also the Ex-prisident of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo discharge the Igbos over the 1966 coups plan that later lead to Biafra War.

He said that people are been saying that the coup was caused by igbos people but the truth is that they are not the cause, I am so frighten that there might be another war that will face this country, any one can try anything to make sure that we don’t embark into another war. But i will exposed some facts that lead to this war.

Below are what he highlighted as the cause of the war Obasanjo open up on the 1966 coup and revealed those involved. Below are the people involved in the so called 1966 “Igbo coup”.

Late in the morning of 15 January 1966, at a meeting with some local journalists in Kaduna seeking to find out what was going on, it was brought to Major Nzeogwu’s attention that the only information about the events then was being broadcast by the BBC. Nzeogwu was surprised because he had expected a radio broadcast of the rebels from Lagos.

He is said to have “gone wild” when he learnt that Emmanuel Efeajuna in Lagos had not made any plans whatsoever to neutralize johnson ironsi who was the Commander of the Army. Therefore, Nzeogwu hurriedly drafted a speech which was broadcast on Radio Kaduna sometime around 12 a.m. and in which he declared marital law over the Northern Provinces of Nigeria

>> Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu (mid west igbo)

>> Major Ifeajuna (mid western region igbo)

Source: Newsfactz


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