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Lesson: If Northern Nigeria can grant Amnesty to Boko Haram Then, Ohaneze Ndigbo should support IPOB to achieve Biafra


Amnesty To Boko Haram A Big Lesson To Igbo Politicians amnesty-to-boko-haram-a-big-lesson-to-igbo-politicians amnesty to his brothers, the Boko Haram terrorists, yes it is a welcome developements and an intensive lesson to Igbo politicians.

For the President of the Federal Republic of NIGERIA in the person of His Excellency, Saint Muhammadu BUHARI giving Armnesty to Boko haram TERRORIST group will Serve as a very big and Masoretic lessons to the Igbos, most especially Igbo Traders, those who parade themselves as IGBO politicians and political Godfathers.

Those Igbo political prostitute coupled with glorified buying and selling mentality, starting from The Governors, Deputy Governors, Senators, House of Representatives members, local government Chairmen, and down to Ward Chairmen can never deposit out the monies which they’ve acquired in politics by making sure that good number of IGBOS do register and collect their Voters Card (PVC).

They’ll never use their positions, to make sure that a good number of IGBOS are enrolled into Nigerian Police Force, NIGERIA MILITARY, Costom, Navy, Air Force, federal civil services to mention but few.

But because they’re filled with buying and selling political mentality, they knows nothing about Nigerian politics, they’ll never Copy their fellow politicians from the Hausa Fulani Northern part of NIGERIA and Yoruba Western Pert, in making sure that their people are registered and there Voters Card (PVC), be collected by them respectively.

Those educated illiterate IGBO POLITICAL leaders contributtes 75% to 85% of our backwardness in Nigeria political equation and installations.

They always claims to know everything, with there Nonsensical qualifications and outdated Grammar embroiled from their empty Queens and Kings English filled with grammatical errors and Punctuational misplacement

They prefer building Hotels…………

Erecting filling stations………..

Installing Chopping Malls and Plazas……….

Buying Lands and outdated projections………..etc

They achieved these substandard progress with the pee nuts they Gullibly and, incomprehensibly acquired from their ALMIGHTY HAUSA FULANI their slave Masters.

They sponsored secretly the killing/ Massacring, Jailing and proscription as well as declaring IPOB which is 99.995% Igbos, A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

Including the Inversion of a Royal palace and Massacring many, abduction of his Royal Majesty the father of Nnamdi kanu, including Nnamdi kanu and all his house hold, friends and well wishers just because they are not politicians they’re Traders, suffering from glorified buying and selling mentality, coupled with DOCILITY, GULLIBILITY, INCOMPREHENSIBILITY and FEAR of the HAUSA FULANI which is their beginning of their poopooing Wisdom……….

The Egoism and Hypoprothrombinaemic actions of IGBO politicians is Incomprehensibly and empirically dengerouse for progress and stabilization of IGBO people.

Part of my contribution is to write, and i have written…….and it’s our collective duty for actions, only if we really don’t want this write up to be a waste.

My conscience is clear..!


Jonathan Onuorah Is A Public Commentator Writting From Anambra.



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