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Latest Ankara jackets and trousers


Ankara jackets styles Ankara fabric looks great in any garment, but our personal favourite Ankara article of clothing has to be a jacket. Ankara jackets come in so many different shapes and designs that one can build an entire wardrobe out of unique Ankara clothes. Here are some of our picks of the latest Ankara jacket styles we could find. Check out these Ankara jacket pictures, and maybe you will find your next favourite jacket!

Ankara jackets

Our first pick is this wonderful buttonless jacket. Its versatile style and a fascinating colour scheme make it a great option for any occasion. You can pair it with a monochrome dress, as you can see in the picture, or with neutrally coloured tank top and pants. When you style this jacket, make sure that it is the centerpiece of your look.

Ankara jackets

Next, we have this floral fantasy. Once again, you can wear it almost anywhere and not feel out of place. However, its classic silhouette calls to be worn to the office or some official event. As this classic Ankara jacket is already quite bright, you do not really have to worry about the accessories or even accompanying articles of clothing, as all eyes will be on the jacket.

Ankara jackets

If you are looking for something longer and more informal, then consider this vibrant jacket with a floral print. It works great with neutral tight-fitting dresses, but you can also wear it as a coat on top of your regular clothes. The flared bottom and three-quarter sleeves make this garment even more special.

Ankara jackets

An Ankara jacket does not necessarily have to have a classic shape. This bright patterned fabric works great with more modern silhouettes, as can be seen from this Ankara bomber jacket. Not only is it cute and fashionable, but it is also more practical in colder weather, because you can just zip it all the way up and go on about your day 🙂

Ankara jackets

For those who appreciate comfort but do not want to sacrifice their style for it, this Ankara kimono jacket is a perfect option. It is very practical, incredibly stylish, and you can pair it with almost anything. It will look especially good on someone with a tall slim shape, and the thin belt around the waist can create more definition.Ankara jackets

You can also go for a very similar sleeveless option. This one works for all body shapes, as you do not have to worry about the buttons not buttoning up. There are simply no buttons!

Ankara jackets

If you are not afraid to take risks in your fashion, you should definitely consider this peculiar piece. Its unique shape and vibrant colour combo will definitely not go unnoticed. Be prepared to wow your friends and colleagues with this bold look.

Ankara jackets

Here is another unconventional option for you. As most of the picks on this list are quite form fitting, we thought it would be a good idea to add this puffy jacket to the mix. Its loose shape and bright colour palette will fit anyone who is not afraid to stand out.

Ankara jackets

If you have a full figure, then you will love this wonderful peplum Ankara jacket for ladies. See how it is fitted at the waist and flared at the bottom. This silhouette will help you accentuate all of your beautiful curves.

Ankara jacketsl like having a whole jacket made out of Ankara fabric, then we have something for you as well. Even though only the hem and sleeves of this jacket are Ankara, it is still very eye-catching and stylish. The flowery pattern works very well with the colourful horizontal stripes, and the whole things looks incredibly beautiful.

Ankara trousers

Ankara trousers styles Ankara pants also come in all shapes and sizes, so you can certainly find the right Ankara trousers to add to your closet. Here are some of our favourite Ankara pants styles.

Ankara trousers

First, we have these beautiful Ankara high waist trousers. If you are in for a night out, or even just a casual stroll around the city, these pants will impress even the pickiest fashionistas. When paired with the right accessories, they can become a part of a really great outfit.Ankara trousers

If you are looking for something less form-fitting, then you should consider these Ankara palazzo pants. Trousers like these are all the rage these days, and if you get a pair with a pattern like this one, you will certainly get some interested looks.

Ankara trousers

For those who need even more freedom for their nether regions, we present Ankara harem pants. With these trousers, you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time! They can fit any body shape, so you do not have to feel self-conscious about any of your body parts.Ankara trousers

If harem pants are too loose for you, then take a look at these. This particular shape of pants is meant to provide maximum comfort for the wearer without being too informal. You can even wear these to work! Just pair them with something monochrome and impress your co-workers.

Ankara trousersFor those who work at the office but still want to look fabulous, these classic Ankara pants will be perfect. This pattern is both vibrant and not incredibly distracting, so you can attract some attention to your legs without giving other people headaches.Ankara trousers

On the other hand, if you want your pattern to be very colourful and eccentric, then you should go for this option instead. These pants also follow a classic silhouette, albeit a slightly different one, but this colour palette does not seem very appropriate for an office. But who knows, maybe your dress code will allow it.Ankara trousers

Sometimes less is more, and that is exactly what can be said about these jeans. Even though there is very little Ankara on them, they still look very unique and stylish. If you want a more subtle look, then these pants should be your go-to option.Ankara trousers

Here we have short palazzo pants that just scream to be on a cover of a fashion magazine. With these pants, you do not have to bother with accessories, as they will be the main element of your look. Just put them on, go out there and win some hearts.Ankara trousers

Bell-bottoms are back in fashion, so why not make them out of Ankara fabric? This eye-catching blast from the past will definitely score you some compliments. You can wear these pants wherever you want and feel stylish while doing it.

Ankara trousers

We have saved the best for last, as these pants do not look like anything we have seen before. The unusual cut, the fascinating patterns and a well thought out colour palette create an unforgettable garment. These pants are made to be worn somewhere fancy.


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