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Kidnapper allegedly gets stuck to church’s wristband in Rivers.


The lady had narrated how a kidnapper had allegedly gotten stuck to a church wristband – She explained that the kidnapper was stuck to the wristband while he was trying to take her mother away has come across a testimony that left many shocked and in awe of the grace of God. A member of a church in Rivers state shared the story of how her mother avoided being kidnapped.

During a church service at Salvation Ministries, a lady gave a testimony about her mother escaped being kidnapped after the kidnapper got stuck to her church wristband. According to her,

kidnappers posing to be soldiers had come into their building asking for the whereabouts of a rich man when one of them noticed the wristband her mother was wearing.

She explained that the man had stated that her mother was wearing a wristband of a church that is against kidnappers and he tried to take her with him when he got stuck to it and couldn’t move. The lady further revealed that the kidnapper was caught and arrested where he was stuck on her mother’s arm.


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