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Juventus On Massive lockout. After 3 Players, Manager Test Positive For Coronavirus disease.


THEBIAFRASTAR: Information reaching our desk,Juventus has immediately stopped all training sessions and put all their Under-23 players in quarantine after three players from Serie C opponents, Pianese, tested positive for Coronavirus.

According to the report,The Old Lady announced the decision late yesterday, because the last opponents they meet were Pianese, who they defeated 1-0.

With the Disease spreading all over in that club, it has affected three players already and the team manager.

Before, the total had reached 1,049 of which people tested positive for Coronavirus in Italy, with the death toll on 29.Suggested News

The latest updates were given by the Italian government, which they now claim has risen to 1,128.

Juventus and Milan are set to battle it out next Wednesday in the Coppa Italia semi-final in Turin, with local fans only being allowed to enter the stadium.

The authorities said that people should remain indoors and avoid contact with others.


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