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JUST IN:The attack Lady in the supermarket Over ‘Anal Sex’,Finally Reacts.[See Video]


Few days ago, social media was all about a viral video of a woman confronting her husband’s alleged sidechic and accusing her of having anal s£x with the man.

The video caused outrage on social media, with mixed reactions from some Nigerians; some condemning the sidechic and others lambasting the woman for her actions.

Well, the alleged sidechic has finally spoken out in a new video, reacting to the viral incident.

In the new video, the lady stated that she shot it without knowing that it would go viral.

According to her, it was a staged video, and she is not ready to sue the ‘wife’ who attacked her

She also warned celebrities to desist from asking her for anal s£x in her DM.

The lady further advised women to satisfy their husbands, regardless of the sexual position he demands.


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