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JUST IN:Senators dismiss call for new constitution, back amendment


A few representatives have excused the calls by people and gatherings for a pristine constitution, saying the revising of the 1999 Constitution will address complaints and difficulties in the country.

The congresspersons, who addressed our journalist in Abuja, accepted that it was not practicable to have a pristine constitution.

Representatives Gabriel Suswam , Gersom Bassey, Frank Ibezim and Opeyemi Bamidele stated the viewpoints in independent meetings with our journalist.

Suswan demanded that it was feasible to complete the necessary alterations on the 1999 Constitution that would address the country’s difficulties.

He said, “On the off chance that you take a gander at created economies, established change is a persistent interaction. No one requires a fresh out of the plastic new constitution anyplace.

“What we need is a difference in disposition of Nigerians. On the off chance that you produce a fresh out of the plastic new constitution, will that change Nigerians?

“What I believe is that we ought to discuss change demeanor and the earnestness in the execution and understanding of the constitution.”

Bassey additionally said there was nothing troublesome in revising the 1999 Constitution on the grounds that the report was dependent upon alterations.

He said, “I feel that constitutions in most piece of the world are living archives which implies that they are consistently being changed as they are utilized.

“I think sitting for another constitution isn’t useful since we have a constitution that permits itself to develop.

“The alterations permit us to accomplish the sort of constitution that we wanted. The contention of a pristine constitution is easy to refute.”

Ibezim additionally couldn’t help contradicting the possibility of another constitution, saying, “Constitution revision empowers individuals to survey the condition of the country’s law.

“Nigerians know their difficulties. The continuous constitution audit is opportune in order to handle the difficulties confronting Nigeria.”

Bamidele who is the Chairman, Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal issue said, “Nigerians who are requiring a shiny new constitution are doing so dependent on their own supposition of what should occur.”

He said, “When previous President Goodluck Jonathan was in power, he coordinated a constitution gathering however its report was not carried out by President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Nigerians accept that attempting to alter the 1999 Constitution resembles a tailor attempting to repair a cloth.

“The 1999 constitution isn’t a result of Nigerians; so we need a constitution that is delivered by Nigerians and which they could guarantee responsibility for.

“The forces in the middle are excessively. We should deliver a pristine constitution. We should meet as a locale.”


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