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JUST IN:I will not silence about this fact., There’ll be no Nigeria without Igbo – Ezeanuna open up


The truth must be said any where, Igbos are the back born of Nigeria because in any where in this world if Igbo man is there that that particular place is not existing.

Chief Zeribe Ezeanuna is a Chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and a governorship aspirant in 2017 in Anambra State. He was three times House of Representatives candidate on the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and Accord Party (AP) respectively. He said that insecurity in the country is caused by lack of good leadership, just as he said that there will be no Nigeria without Igbo.

According to the question “Do Igbo people have any stake in this country?
 Yes, we have a stake in the country called Nigeria. There will be no Nigeria without Igbo; there is no two ways about it. The reason you asked the question is probably because there is an APC government under the leadership of Buhari that thinks he’s elected to govern only the people he perceived voted for him, that is why you asked. No, we are part of Nigeria and without Igbo there would be no Nigeria.


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