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JUST IN:Heavy Tension In Rivers State As Another Lawless Policeman allegedly shoot an innocent bus driver dead At Motor park


A few days ago,the terrible news that a branch of the Nigeria Police Force had shot an innocent man who was watching a football in Lagos State had rocked and shaken the country to its core. Whilst investigation is going on concerning the unfortunate incident, the police has been accused again of killing a driver along the East West road in Ahoada local government area of Rivers state. It was gathered that the deceased identified as Odeh Stephen who worked as a driver at the popular Ekeki modern motor park in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state capital, was allegedly shot by a trigger-happy police officer this morning.

He was said to have died instantly and his corpse has since been deposited in the morgue. The reason for the alleged murder is yet to be ascertained as at the time of filing this report.

This is coming just a month after a similar case had occurred. A trigger-happy police officer had shot a bus driver dead in Mosan, Ayobo area of Lagos State. According to an eyewitness, the police officer shot the driver because he refused to give the police money. Narrating the incident to newsmen, An eyewitness stated that one of the officers shot at people to clear the way so they could escape, but the people stood their ground.

Sodimu Johnson, one of the eyewitnesses, said: “The officers were trying to collect money from the driver, but he did not give them. One of them shot the driver and when they saw that he was dead, they tried to run away. The bus conductor and other passers-by chased them and were able to catch two of the officers. We held them and were trying to force them to carry the corpse to their station. One of the officers shot sporadically into the air to disperse the crowd and clear way for themselves to escape from the scene of the incident, but we stood our ground and did not allow them to leave. We were able to disarm the two of the officers.”

Johnson said the police stormed the area with reinforcement and left with the officers involved in the act. He said, “Presently, some police officers have come to the area and have taken the body, conductor and the two officers away. They reinforced and came with some officials of the NSCDC to rescue the two officers. They harassed those who were recording the incident, seized their phones and also arrested them. They were taken to Area P Police station at Ayobo.”

Nigerians need a lasting solution to this menace that is threatening to wipe out the nation. What do you think can be done to curb this terror? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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  1. Nonso says

    Free Biafrans from the midst of these wild animals. nigeria and its government are full of mild animals, they must be caged because they lack human understanding, wild animals will remain wild no matter how much you try to train them. God bless the United States of Biafra!

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