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JUST IN:Disregard Igbo Presidency, Fight For Biafraʼ — Nwobosi tells South-East


From the route individuals of the south east are being treated in the current day Nigeria, it becomes apparent that we are dismissed, and, as Igbo aphorism would state, a dismissed man doesn’t dismiss himself. We can’t dismiss ourselves. We ought to rather make a solid effort to accomplish our own freedom.

“I did the upset, I battled the war; I additionally need to see Biafra figured it out. This unsettling drove by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a positive development. He should be bolstered. I simply wish our kin would be sufficiently focussed to talk with one voice; not this individual saying this today; and tomorrow, someone else will begin saying an alternate thing.”

Gotten some information about his view on the deluge of herders and Almajiri into the Southern Nigeria, Col Nwobosi said;

“Whoever sees what’s going on and says he is looking for a counsel simply needs to realize whatever someone would state. You’re in your home and, out of nowhere, a more interesting enters and starts carrying on abnormally and begins murdering individuals.


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