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JUST IN:”Denying S’East Dep. Senate President, a Violation of the Constitution-APGA warn APC


The all progressive grand Alliance (APGA) Says denying the south -east to produce the deputy Senate president on the incoming ninth National Assembly , is an outright violation of the Nigeria Constitution anchored on equity and justice.

the party, therefore insisted that the leadership of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) must zone the senate number two position to the South-East geopolitical zone.

Uchenna okogubo, Deputy National Chairman of AGPA, made the assertions whicle speaking with journalists on wednesday.

He berated the Adams Oshiomole-led APC for embarking on a mission to forcefully impose a Senate president on the members of the National Assembly.

He also condemned the APC zoning formula, which according to him does not augur well for the Nations democracy.

okogubo maintained that decision of ruling party on the leadership tussle in the National Assembly was an outright violation of the principles of federal character anchored on equity and justice .

the system the APC -led government is adopting is trying to choose the leadership of the National Assembly both in the 8th Assembly to the incoming 9th assembly, i viewed it as undemocratic. The APC in their choose of leadership always would want to impose, they would want to impose, they would want to look at who does what, who is who in the party. not actually considering the intellectual ability and what a particular senator in the house can offer to Nigeria.

i think that is one problem APC is having. they dont consider intellectual ability, they consider who are or who is bring you. and that is not good for Nigerians”, he said.

okogubo reiterated his support for DR Orji Uzor Kalu, senator-elect of Abia North district, while calling on the PAC to zone the Deputy Senate president position to the South – East.

i listened to Orji Uzor Kalu’s comment, that is how it should be. they are indirectly trying to show because , you are not part of APC or you are part of the format on the PAC.because of that we give whatever we like. that is very undemocratic, and that we can help us in Nigeria.

the seventh Assembly of the PDP was better that what we are seeing now. the way i look at the PAC tussle, when it comes to sharing of positions, i look at it as group f people that are not ready for this nation. everybody is interested in what goes into his community and what goes into his family. there is no liberal mindedness in their choose of leadership.

there is no pure Nigeria interest i what they are doing. the APC chairman is wielding a lot of influence, even when he should be able to discus issues and come up with a consensus, he sound so authoritative, as if the party is a labour movement. He should know that he is the chairman of a ruling party (APC) is ruling Nigeria its is not ruling Oshomole,Tinubu, is ruling entire country.

I totally in support zoning deputy senate president to South east becasue we dont have so many Igbo in the National Assembly. i encourage and hope they will do that.

okogubo added.


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