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JUST IN:Daughter stabbed her mother to death after she caught her sleeping with her husband in their Matrimonial bed.(Video)


A 28 years old woman arrested for stabbing his 44 Years Old mother in Osun State

The incident happens in a community in Owode Ede, were a 28 years old woman identified has Ifeoluwa Fehintola stabbed her mother Ruth Shodeya to death after she caught her sleeping with her husband

The suspect after been arrested said “my mother has been like that since we small, she goes around with different men even when my father was alive she cheats on him, after my father death she was so balanced with her wayward life that there no man she can’t allowed to sleep with her

I couldn’t imagine that she will stood so low to the level of my husband, she only came to spend 2 weeks with us that she has already shattered my home for me

I went to the market to buy some food stuff before I could get back home I met my husband and my mother on our matrimonial bed.

I was so furious, I went straight to the kitchen to reach to a knife I wanted to killed the both of them my husband manage to scared but my mother did not as I stabbed for in her chest”

The suspect in the police custody, and the police in charged said necessary action will be carried out immediately


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