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JUST IN:British Auctioneer Sells Igbo Statues Allegedly Stolen During the Nigerian Civil War for N85.6m


The sculptures, marked “A Couple of Igbo Figures Attributed to The Akwa Master”, were offered to an online bidder on Monday regardless of debate encompassing how the organization picked up ownership of them.

A Professor of African and American Diaspora Art, Chika Okeke-Agulu, had propelled a lively crusade over the spend scarcely any weeks to stop the offer of the sculptures.

He had contended that the sculptures were two out of many neighborhood curios taken from the southeast locale where they were made while the Igbo locals of the district were secured a fatal common war with the Nigerian government somewhere in the range of 1967 and 1970.

“These works of art are recolored with the blood of Biafra’s kids,” Okeke-Agulu wrote in an Instagram post on June 6.

In any case, Christie’s said it doesn’t accept the sculptures were gained illicitly by Jacques Kerchache, the French gatherer that possessed them.

Nigeria had just passed the Antiquities Ordinance law in 1953 to forbid the exchange of taken social relics, years before the sculptures and others like them were accepted to have been shipped out of the nation.

There have been purposeful endeavors throughout the years to have African relics moved abroad by means of pioneer misuse or unlawful plundering came back to the landmass, yet achievement has been uncommon.


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