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JUST IN!! Tension Erupts S’East As CKC Cathedral Aba threatens IPOB, Calls for Massive Arrest of Biafra Activists

ckc Aba threatens to arrest any ipob member since around the church premises because of what happened on 1st november.

Recall, ECO CITY REPORTERS earlier reported the evangelism been taken to CKC Aba on the 1st of Nov. Which last disrupted the prayers scheduled to be held for a peaceful election in Nigeria.

Today, CKC Cathedral Aba have released a press release about the incident that happened in CKC Aba on 1st November. Calling on security Agencies to arrest any IPOB member at site.
Nonsensical Nonsense! We are waiting for them.

Next time pray for election in Nigeria and see the worst even on your Adult Bazaar day we will be there.If you want peace don’t pray for election in Nigeria or else get ready to arrest all of us.
Mad mad people…………


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