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Jubril Al-Sudani:‘I commend the effort of young Hausa man who attempted to arrest Buhari in Kebbi’- Nnamdi Kanu


Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has reacted to the viral video showing a young man allegedly attempting to attack President Muhammadu Buhari.

The incident was said to have happened At the Argungu International Agricultural Show and Cultural Festival in Kebbi State.

As Buhari went round the arena, inspecting rice pyramids on display, and take photographs with farmers, the young man evaded the security and rushed towards the President but it was not clear what his intentions were. But, the IPOB leader believes he wanted to arrest an impostor called Jubril Al-Sudani.

In the video and write up he shared yesterday, Kanu claimed that it was an attempted citizen arrest of Jubril Al-Sudani, a name he uses to address Nigeria’s President in recent days.

However, while thousands of his followers on Facebook backed his claims, few others gave different accounts of happened at the festival.

Sharing the video on Facebook, Nnamdi Kanu wrote, “The attempted citizen’s arrest of Jubril Al-Sudani is a welcome development.

“I am glad that some Hausa people are now waking up to the reality of Abba Kyari’s horror show that is Jubril Al-Sudani.

“I commend that young Hausa man in this video that tried to arrest the 45 year old criminal impostor from Sudan.

“Look at the video again and tell me the young looking boy being paraded by the evil cabal as the late Buhari is not Jubril Al-Sudani.

“At least, conscientious northerners can now see what we saw since 2017. Jubril’s days are numbered.”

Responding under Kanu’s post, one Mustapha Maigonjo wrote, “Exposed: Alleged Attack On President Buhari, At Argungu International Agricultural Show and Cultural Festival. Wailers at Work Again. The young man was shouting. Sai Baba, Sai Baba, but was prevented by security and he protested that he should be allowed to greet his President and snap a photo with him.”

Another responder, Ishaq Idris Masari, said “He [the young man] wanted to shake his [Buhari] hand not to arrest [him].”

Also responding, one John Chekwas, wrote, “As the President went round the arena to inspect rice pyramids on display, and take photographs with farmers, a young man was so very excited to see his President so close. He made an attempt to get to him.

“World over, such would not be allowed by security details. The young man was prevented, and he protested that he should be allowed to greet his President. Now, professional contortionists are making mischief of the event. They are passing the video clip off on social media as an attempt to attack the President.”


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