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Jonathan denies sharing N150 billion before 2015 election


– Goodluck Jonathan has denied claims that his administration shared N150 billion weeks before the 2015 election

– The former president said allegation by the vice president against him is false – He also challenged the vice president to publish proofs that his administration shared such amount of money two weeks before election Former president Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday, March 20, accused the vice president, Yemi Osinbajo of laying false allegations against him. Jonathan said Osinbajo lied that his government shared N150 billion two weeks before election in 2015. Reacting to the allegation, Joonathan through his the media aide, challenged the vice president to publish his proof, Vanguard reports. The aide said: “On this most recent allegation by Vice President Osinbajo, let me state categorically that former President Jonathan did not share N150 billion two weeks to the 2015 election.” “If Professor Osinbajo has proof that former President Jonathan did so, then we challenge him to publish his proof. He is a professor of law and ought to know that he who alleges must prove,” he said. READ ALSO: Buhari gives MDAs 2-day ultimatum to submit budget to National Assembly He further alleged that the statement by the vice president did not only represent deliberately twisted facts but also exposed him as “a man incapable of telling the truth in matters relating to the former President.” “Only on October 20, 2017, Vice President Osinbajo was in Anambra State where he said that the present administration had paid $2 billion for the second Niger Bridge. ‘’I personally exposed that lie and forced the Presidency to issue a ‘clarification’. The money released was N2 billion and it came from the Sovereign Wealth Fund set up by the Jonathan administration which the APC resisted and challenged in court. “Even after Jonathan left office, it is still monies that he left behind that the Buhari administration is using. It will also be recalled that in February 2016, the Vice President again lied when he claimed that both the Jonathan and Yar’ Adua governments did not build a single road. ‘’This fact was easily disproved when even members of this administration, including Osinbajo’s boss, President Buhari, began commissioning projects, including roads built by the Jonathan administration. ‘’Some of the roads either built or rebuilt by the Jonathan administration include the Benin-Ore portions of the Benin-Lagos Road, the Vom-Manchok Road, the Kano-Zaria Road Bridge (named after late Emir Ado Bayero) and many more,” he added. READ ALSO: Just in: JAMB announces release results of over 1.5m 2018 UTME candidates Also responding to allegations that Jonathan spent only N14 billion on agriculture and N153 billion on infrastructure, Omokri said, the last administration budgeted and spent over $10 billion on infrastructure in the five years between May 6, 2010 and May 29, 2015. He added that one single most expensive project built in Nigeria in the past 20 years is the $1.8 billion Abuja-Kaduna 187 kilometres super-fast railway. He said the railway which enables Nigerians work in Abuja and live in Kaduna was built and completed by the Jonathan administration. “Also, former President Jonathan revived Railways in five of the six geo-political zones and restored direct rail services from Lagos to Kano, Port Harcourt to Maiduguri and Makurdi to Gombe. “In contrast, the Buhari administration, which in less than three years, has borrowed more money than the PDP borrowed in 16 years, cannot point to even one major project they have started and completed. Both President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo keep accusing the Jonathan administration of being corrupt and claim that they run an anti corruption government. “If this is true, how come Nigeria made her best ever improvement in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index under former President Jonathan in 2014 when we moved 8 places forward from 144 to 136 and why have we made our worst ever retrogression in the Corruption Perception Index under President Buhari, moving 12 places backward from 136 to 148 in 2018? “The truth is that Vice President Osinbajo continues to make these discredited comments because he is a man promoted above his competence,” he noted.




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