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IT’S OVER For Atiku As INEC Gives Final Report on 2019 Election- See Interesting Details


All hopes of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar has been dashed by the latest update by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC as the final report by the electoral commission has put an end to the tussle for the seat of the President.

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INEC has called the allegations made by the presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar nothing short of invention. Atiku claimed that he won the February 23rd election with 18,356,732. INEC said that no server was used to transmit the results of the presidential election and any figures purportedly obtained thereof are fake.

INEC disowned the website,, which Atiku alleged before the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal as the source of the election results he claimed to have won.

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In response to Atiku’s petition, INEC also said   “With particular response to the issue of server and electronic transmission and collation repeatedly referred to by the petitioners, as at date, there is no legal framework in place for electronic voting, transmission and collation of scores or results of the electioneering process.

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“The Smart Card Reader till date was used for authenticating registered voters not for sorting, counting, transmission or collation as these processes are still manually done, given the state of the law. The 1st respondent (INEC) has no server that contains the purported results the petitioners are claiming they got from a purported server.

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The Electoral Commission said counting, sorting, transmission and collation of votes during the 2019 general elections and the presidential election, in particular, were all done manually and not electronically and Atiku’s figures never existed in record.  It specifically denied the existence of electronic transmission of results as it is unknown to the Electoral Act, 2010 (as amended) and Regulations and Guidelines for the conduct of the elections 2019.

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Chidi Nwafor, the commission’s Director, Information and Communications Technology, also denied Atiku’s claim about a server branding it false and that Muhammadu Buhari was duly elected by the majority of the lawful votes cast.

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Witness added: ”The petitioners did not win the majority of the lawful votes cast and did not satisfy the mandatory constitutional requirement to be declared winner having polled 11,262,978 and one quarter of all lawful votes cast in 29 states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja as against the 2nd respondent who scored 15,191,847 votes cast and one quarter of the lawful votes cast in 33 states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

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“The lawful and recognised computation of results is manually done using Electoral Form EC8 series and not the table pleaded by the petitioners given that the said table is not the result collated and declared by the 1st respondent. I know as a fact that the details contained in the table in the paragraph 22 of the petition are inaccurate. I know that mode of transmitting/collating election results is manual, using Forms EC8As, EC8Bs, EC8Cs and EC8Ds and not electronically done. I know that the Manual Technologies 2019 and demonstration videos referred to in paragraph 27 are internal training materials.”

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It was stated further that the website was neither created nor owned by INEC and that no information is shared with such an unclassified entity, therefore, rubbishing every information that emanated from the website.

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INEC has therefore shown satisfaction with the academic documents submitted by Buhari for the purpose of the election. Atiku is claiming in his petition that one of the schools Buhari claimed to have attended could not be traced and that Buhari claimed to hold a certificate that was not in existence at the time he claimed to have obtained it. But INEC said it had no query over Buhari’s academic documents.

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The Commission said it was “satisfied with the educational qualification presented” by the president to run for the election. INEC’s lawyer, Yunus Ustaz (SAN) brands Atiku’s petition as frivolous, incompetent and/or lacking in merit. He prays the tribunal to dismiss the petition. It plans to call 83 witnesses in its defence at the presidential election petition tribunal sitting in Abuja.


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