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It Looks Like Tinubu is responsible for what Nigerians are passing through today, says Adebanjo


One of the delegates to the 2014 National Conference, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has said that the recent revelation made by the world Bank Group President has confirmed that what he has been saying about President Muhammadu Buhari for being the president of the North and not president of Nigeria is true.

He said that the National leader of the All Progressives Congress APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is the cause of what the Yorubas and Nigerians as a whole are passing through today in Nigeria. He said this in an interview with Punch.

His words, “The disclosure of the President of the World Bank Group only confirmed what I have been saying that President Muhammadu Buhari is president of the North and not president of Nigeria. It is unfortunate that even the international community is also aware of this nepotism – of Buhari ’s unbridled desire to favour a section of the country to the detriment of the others.

“Is it only the North that is devastated? What about the Niger Delta region? What exactly has been done to salvage the area? He should focus on productive areas to engender development in the country. Buhari’s body language, words and actions show he is president of the North. Only those who are gullible will accept what his mouthpieces are saying – it’s mere damage control.

“You will notice of late that while the world is doing the best they can to shift their economic focus away from crude oil, the current administration of Buhari is doing the opposite. Despite repeated calls by economic experts, both local and foreign experts, that Nigeria should diversify its economy and be less dependent on oil, Buhari has continued to spend the country ’s meager money in our treasury for oil exploration in the North – he is wasting our money.

“Everything that Buhari has done so far since he assumed office as president shows where he belongs to. It is apparent he belongs to nobody but the northerners – he does not belong to everybody in this country . He turns a blind eye to everything happening outside the northern region.

“He has confirmed all the fears I had expressed about him. He has presided over a country that is insecure and has demonstrated intolerance. He claimed to be a born – again democrat when he was contesting the presidency. Buhari will not bother to restructure the country because his people are the beneficiaries of the lopsidedness in the country. Buhari only sent the 2014 National Conference report to the National Assembly because he was pressured to do so.

“He has no interest to restructure. The confusion Buhari and APC are creating about restructuring shows that they are taking the people for granted . How can they be asking what restructuring is? It was made as part of their manifesto. The APC is doing all it can to confuse the people.

Asked if Bola Tinubu made a mistake helping Buhari to become the president he said:

“It is not a question of a mistake. I warned Tinubu against supporting Buhari ahead of the 2015 presidential election. What is for Tinubu in this government? He has been sidelined. This government is all about Buhari. The greatest mistake made was for Yoruba to vote for Buhari . The South – West is regretting voting for Buhari.

“Tinubu is regretting now – he and his supporters are now regretting helping Buhari to become the president. It is Tinubu and all his supporters you should be asking: ‘Are you regretting you helped to bring Buhari to power or you’re happy with his administration?’ The problem that Yoruba and Nigerians have today was caused by Tinubu.

“When I campaigned against him before the election, people accused me of collecting money from (ex – President Goodluck) Jonathan. I am one of those who fought for Nigeria’s independence and I am not a happy man with the way this country is being run.

“If Buhari does not restructure Nigeria, this country will break (up) and I am not afraid to be prosecuted if they regard that as hate speech. Buhari wants to shut down the opposition completely; that’s why he branded Kanu a terrorist.

“Buhari is running the country the way he likes because he has all the instruments of force in his hand. All the military top brass are northern Muslims – I said ‘northern Muslims’; I didn’t say ‘northerners’.


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