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are the only ethnic group among the three major ethnic groups in the country that has not produced neither the president nor the vice president.

Seemingly, the ethnic group has been committed to the backwaters of legislative issues and power. Once in a while, it comes third or even fourth in the lattice of intensity sharing. At show, the Igbo have no use or huge impact in the government. Truth be told, they have never been so separated from power as they are presently. Today, the most noteworthy position of expert possessed by an Igbo individual is that of deputy senate president. This is notwithstanding the abundance of commitments of the ethnic group to the nation.

Notwithstanding, regardless of the dwindled political fortunes, one thing is indisputable about the Igbo; they are the most mentally modern, monetarily enabled and politically aware all things considered. I don’t buy in to the false contention that the Igbo are not “politically alive”, on the grounds that it bombs notwithstanding savvy cross examination.

The Igbo don’t consider governmental issues to be only an occasion; they consider it to be intends to secure their monetary intrigue, their property and their future. The Igbo have no time for paltry governmental issues; they are not intrigued by any legislative issues that does not ensure the wellbeing of their business, networks and lives. Additionally, the contention that the Igbo are not politically mindful comes up short when it is cross examined in the pot of history. The Igbo ran a republican arrangement of government, where the most elevated type of politicking occurred, before the attack of the British.

I have dependably said that regardless of my worldwide introduction, the Igbo plan and that of my center voting public will remain the highlight of my legislative issues. As a congressperson my commitment is to my voting demographic, my state and Igbo-arrive. What at that point can the Igbo do to reaffirm their place in Nigerian legislative issues and ascend to the authority of the nation? The late adored Igbo pioneer, Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu was judicious; he saw today, and he gave an answer. He trusted the Igbo would have political use in Nigeria on the off chance that they related to a political gathering – the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) – held onto it as their own and advanced it. Ojukwu’s insight is the answer for the present Igbo relocation in Nigerian governmental issues.

I joined APGA in light of the fact that I trust that the gathering is the inner voice of the Igbo, and it is the veritable stage on which the ethnic group can ascend to the number one position of the nation’s leadership hirachy. We should groom APGA to end up a power that is crucial in the political condition of Nigeria. We should combine the group so it can talk as the voice of the Igbo and furthermore shake hands with different groups, and in particular be at the table with the group in capacity to consult for the ethnic group. This will expel the impression of the imperceptibility of the Igbo from national issues, and furthermore dishearten differences.

It will likewise convey renaissance to the imposing south-east governmental issues in Nigeria. Despite everything I trust APGA has the enchantment contact to transform the south-east into a place that is known for gold.


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