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ISRAEL UNDER ATTACK: Islamic terrorists fire 200 rocket to Israel, IDF responds by obliterating targets in Gaza


IDF attacks Hamas, Islamic Jihad, terror targets in retaliation for rocket attacks on Israel.

IDF planes on Saturday night attacked dozens of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror targets in Gaza, an IDF spokesperson said.

Targets included an underground Hamas site for manufacturing rocket weapons, unique in its production abilities, which was a mainstay of the organization’s ability to manufacture rockets.

Another target was the command center of Hamas’ Bureij troops, which included sites for manufacturing weapons. Other targets included a military compound in Tel al-Hawa, which serves the terror organization’s naval arm as a training center, and several military compounds in Jabalia, Shuja’iyya, and another compound in Tel al-Hawa.

Two Beit Lahia military compounds shared by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad were also targeted.

“The IDF is prepared and will continue to do whatever is necessary,” an IDF statement said.


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