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IPOB/MASSOB Members’ Asylum: FG May Summon British Envoy


The Federal Government on Tuesday communicated outrage regarding an arrangement by the United Kingdom to offer refuge to “mistreated” individuals from the Indigenous People of Biafra and the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, in a meeting with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja, said the arrangement was insolent to Nigeria as a country.

Mohammed expressed this as there were signs on Tuesday that the Federal Government may bring the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Laing, over the haven offer.

In any case, socio-political gatherings including the Middle Belt Forum, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Afenifere and the Pan-Niger Delta Forum, upheld the refuge offer by the UK and castigated the Federal Government over the turn of events.

The UK Visas and Immigration gave new rules to its chiefs on the most proficient method to consider and give refuge utilizations of individuals from Biafran secessionist bunches in Nigeria.

In the rules distributed on, it expressed that the haven would be conceded to “oppressed” individuals from IPOB and MASSOB.

The Federal Government a couple of years prior assigned IPOB, which was shaped in 2012 by Nnamdi Kanu, as a fear monger association. MASSOB was established in 1999 by Ralph Uwazuruike.

The two gatherings are requiring the severance of the Igbo in the South-East and numerous other ethnic identities in the South-South from Nigeria.

In the rules named, ‘Nation Policy and Information Note Nigeria: Biafran secessionist gatherings,’ delivered in March, the UKVI, a division of the Home Office, guided its chiefs to consider if an individual “who effectively and straightforwardly upholds IPOB is probably going to be in danger of capture and confinement, and abuse which is probably going to add up to oppression.”

It further said the UK should likewise consider if the Federal Government’s activities were demonstrations of indictment, not oppression.

“Those escaping arraignment or discipline for a criminal offense are not ordinarily outcasts. Arraignment may, be that as it may, sum to mistreatment in the event that it includes exploitation in its application by the specialists,” the 56-page record noted.

An illustration of mistreatment, the UKVI said was “on the off chance that it is the vehicle or pardon for or if just certain gatherings are arraigned for a specific offense and the results of that segregation are adequately extreme. Discipline which is barbarous, brutal or debasing (counting discipline which is messed up with regards to the offense submitted) may likewise add up to abuse.”

On the supposed underestimation of the Igbo, which it said prompted the current fomentation by IPOB, it said, ”Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has been seen by some as being contemptuous and unsympathetic towards individuals of the South-East, especially as to the arrangement of senior government authorities which seemed to support his northern constituents.

“Some Igbo whine of under-portrayal in the Federal Government, minimization, inadequate foundation because of a more modest allotment of administrative assets than different locales, and a feeling of recorded complaint against an express that they say doesn’t address them.”

The UK government saw that new freedom developments were, ”allegedly determined by a feeling of uncalled for treatment and minimization.”

It revealed that MASSOB and IPOB had to a great extent upheld tranquil change yet on events had utilized way of talking that may support vicious obstruction, adding that IPOB specifically, through its online stage, Radio Biafra, and online remarks of its chief, Kanu, had stirred up secessionist goals and urged protection from the specialists.

The rules noticed that however MASSOB was not a prohibited association and kept on directing public exercises, some of its allies had been captured – and some slaughtered during exhibitions.

It expressed, ”MASSOB, since its arrangement in the last part of the 1990s, has conflicted with the security powers. Various individuals have been murdered, injured and captured – ordinarily during exhibits. Over 100 captures were made in September 2018, at any rate 10 of every 2019; and, in July 2020, it was accounted for that individuals from MASSOB were captured following conflicts with the police.

“IPOB has lately become the prevailing Biafran bunch. Since 2015, the security powers have apparently extra-judicially executed tens and harmed many its allies and initiative, frequently utilizing inordinate power to control fights.

“The security powers have likewise captured many IPOB allies at various occasions, generally while disturbing exhibits or walks to advance Biafran freedom, especially during 2015 to 2017, just as during attacks on the homes of IPOB pioneers. Sources likewise report conflicts with the specialists during 2018 and Amnesty announced that security powers captured at any rate 200 and killed 10 allies at various occasions during 2019.

“Further conflicts and viciousness happened between security powers and IPOB in August 2020 in the city of Enugu when the police raged an IPOB meeting and furthermore in October 2020 during showdowns in Rivers State. These episodes brought about the captures and passings of IPOB allies also security power faculty, in spite of the fact that there appear to be conflicting covering the specific figures.”

The UKVI likewise alluded to reports demonstrating that some IPOB individuals, allies and pioneers captured had been accused of treachery which is culpable with capital punishment.

On cases for thought for shelter, the UK organization said, “A danger of oppression will rely upon their job, profile and exercises for the gathering, and past captures by the state. An individual who effectively and transparently upholds IPOB is probably going to be in danger of capture and confinement, and abuse which is probably going to add up to mistreatment. Each case should be painstakingly thought to be on its realities, with the onus on the candidates to show that they are probably going to confront a danger of abuse.”

While recognizing examples of assaults on security powers by IPOB individuals, the organization said where individuals from MASSOB or IPOB had affected or utilized brutality to upset public request, the public authority may have genuine grounds to capture and arraign those individuals.

It, nonetheless, contended that “where the public authority has captured and kept people who, for instance, calmly take an interest in exhibitions and has then accused them of treachery or the individual is exposed to times of detainment in corrupting or cruel conditions, such treatment is probably not going to be reasonable or proportionate, and is probably going to add up to mistreatment.”

A senior authority of the Federal Government, who trusted in one of our reporters, expressed that the public authority would request a clarification from the UK on its choice which Nigeria considered as improper and a hidden help for the prohibited gathering which had been upsetting for the deterioration of the country.

The source expressed, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take up the refuge offer to IPOB with the British High Commission. The public authority may bring the High Commissioner and request a clarification for their choice which is absolutely improper and a type of help for the banished bunch.”


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