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IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu is the only option


Before Nnamdi Kanu started speaking on Radio Biafra, many of us had heard of Biafra before but were never interested. We knew of MASSOB and their activities but we never took them seriously because we knew they can’t do more than just make a point.

Infact, some of us that aren’t Igbo never saw ourselves any close to the ideologies and we never saw the possibilities of Biafra freedom. Even many Igbos treated the Biafran quest as child’s play.

But when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu started speaking on Radio Biafra with his electrifying voice and convincing tone, it dawned on us that Biafra is beyond the Igbo but that BIAFRA is for Biafrans. It dawned on every Biafran that attempted to listen to him that the time for Biafra restoration has come. Many of us started seeing visions as the Lord started revealing the future to those that have eyes to see.

Our eyes opened to the reality of Nigeria’s great sin against our people and Biafra’s imminent freedom. It was like the veil fell off our eyes. Suddenly, we stopped being afraid to die, we stopped being afraid to talk, we stopped being afraid to demand for freedom.

Our enemies were not lost in the whole show, suddenly, they noticed that everyone wants to hear the thunderous sound of the voice of the man from London. Initially, they ignored because they took it for granted. They must have said “don’t mind that small boy, it’s youthful exuberance that’s worrying him, no one will take him serious and he will be frustrated and abandon the campaign” or “ignore him abeg, he is looking for his own share of the national cake, don’t worry let’s watch him if the people takes him serious we will call him, threaten him and bribe him and it will be over”.


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