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Medicine after Death: Those who detained and killed Abiola are now rewarding him that Yorubas may reward them with their vote in 2019

The question most people are asking is, when will Yorubas get smart and stop allowing themselves to be used and disposed of like toilet paper by the North? Some people may call it hate speech but I think it’s time the Yoruba race wake up. The North continues to enslave and conquer Yorubaland and it’s people for political crumbs. From Awolowo becoming Vice President to Gowon during the war which purchased Yoruba support against Biafra that he Awolowo had initially supported in the agreement he reached with Ojukwu prior to his release from a prison in Calabar.

The most bizarre part is that it was the same core Arewa North that jailed Awolowo. An Igbo man, Nzeogwu, led a coup that it’s sole aim was to release Awolowo from prison and install him as the Prime Minister of Nigeria. It was another man, Ojukwu, that eventually released Awolowo from prison but upon his release, Awolowo went back to North and superintended the second worst genocide in human history.

The same thing happened with Obasanjo’s civilian presidency, which again was another move by the Fulani caliphate to assuage the Yoruba people after annulling June 12 and killing Abiola. This pattern has always been at play in the relationship between the core North and Yorubas for centuries. Look at what Fulanis did to Yorubas in Illorin where Afonja, a Yoruba prince was temporarily made the political head of the invading Fulani Islamic army to get him to turn against his fellow Yorubas. At the end of the campaign Afonja was killed by the Fulanis and his land converted to Fulani emirate.

That conquest that was made possible by Fulani political inducement spread all the way to Atlantic Ocean in Lagos. That Islam virtually dominate all Yoruba towns and villages was as a result of the mistake one Yoruba man made. They are repeating the same mistakes today. Illorin and wider Kwara State is a fully fledged Fulani Emirate with no Oba in sight and shall remain so forever. A Yoruba Oba will never sit on the royal throne in Illorin again. Illorin throne has become the exclusive prerogative of the Fulanis. This unfortunate outcome and national disgrace was made possible because a Yoruba man accepted what appeared on the face of it an exalted political position not knowing it was a Trojan horse.

Yorubas are learned, cosmopolitan and urbane. Surely they have enough intelligent people in their ranks to understand the damaging effect these periodic politically motivated inducement from the North can be in the long run. Unless perhaps their well concealed hatred towards Igbos, driven purely by envy, outweigh whatever consequence or humiliation they are likely to suffer at the hands of their Fulani masters.

Again, this confusion was apparent when in exchange for the empty title of APC National Leader and few ministerial appointments, Yorubas returned into power what will go down as the worst regime in living memory. That mere posthumous elevation of Abiola to a GCFR is sufficient to erase the horrors of this Buhari regime in the minds of Yorubas speaks volumes about their political priorities. Maybe Yorubas doesn’t want any positive change in Nigeria after all but merely using their clamour for structural changes within the system to advance a purely parochial agenda of self preservation at the expense of collective well being of all ethnicities in Nigeria.

It won’t be misplaced to infer that such euphoria exhibited by Yorubas at mere pronouncement of a post hummus award for their illustrious son may portray them as confused to the point of not knowing exactly what they want. The feeling one gets is that wherever the wind of political expediency pushes them, they go. These are hardly the attitude of a people that have a principled commitment to a change that will be of benefit to all.

The Yoruba race possess enough brave and outspoken intellectuals but unfortunately the impression one gets is an absence of mental toughness and ideological consistency needed to break the debilitating and damaging influence the North exert over them. Today they are rightfully clamoring for a return to regional arrangement, the next they are threatening to unleash Oduduwa Republic, but all the while the North continues to make a complete mess of their long term strategic interests.


Originally by Somto Okonkwo
Rewritten by Aiden Dillion


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