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IPOB Answers Northern Gatherings On Killings: Don’t Begin Battle That Won’t End


The Indigenous People of Biafra has cautioned the Alliance of Northern Gatherings against setting out on killing any Igbo, saying they shouldn’t leave on a battle that wouldn’t end.

The association was responding to dangers by the CNG to fight back against the supposed killing of their family in the South-East.

“The North will never again stay inactive under such intentional and supported assaults on its people and interests, and will hereafter be compelled to respond to each incitement and unjustifiable infringement.

“The North’s hesitance in standing up or making a move isn’t brought into the world of dread or obliviousness of how to answer in kind and the people who entice us ought to realize that the North is done going to choose not to retaliate”, the Representative of CNG, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, had said.

Yet, the Media and Exposure Secretary of IPOB, Emma Strong, in a meeting with The PUNCH on Tuesday night said they had no hand in the supposed killing of a Hausa lady who was with her youngsters.

Strong said, “We have numerous things in our grasp to answer this gathering called CNG in light of the fact that they are nonissue; we are anticipating that they should begin killing in Nigeria and see our situation.

“We stay serene in our interest for Biafra opportunity and on the off chance that they couldn’t call the hoodlums they got our territory and figuring we can run for them, they are jokers, let them start this battle and see what the end will resemble.

“IPOB has nothing at all to do with the passing of a Hausa lady who was with her youngsters on Sunday and we firmly censure the dastard demonstration by crooks supported by Northern legislators.

“Before they undermined us, they ought to, as a matter of some importance, eliminate those fear based oppressors and desperados moved into Obinze sleeping enclosure in Owerri, Imo State where they work from and they were brought to kill and murder and fault it on serene IPOB and ESN.

“They are imparting them to ID cards to work and the world should ask the military for what reason they were giving these fear monger cards for recognizable proof.

“The Military was giving them inclusion, in the event that these people grab, the tactical will furnish them with a spot they will keep their casualties and bring somebody who will get emancipate from casualties family members or relatives.

“IPOB and ESN didn’t kill anyone discuss Hausa lady with kids, it’s is a detestation to kill ladies, youngsters, younger students, and pregnant ladies. We dislike them who culled out children from Igbo pregnant ladies in 1966 and 1970.

“The sort of killing happening in our property presently is the sort Fulani fear mongers kill and kind of decapitating. There is no bit of legitimacy in what they are talking about that IPOB detests Hausas living in our region. The thing IPOB is pursuing are Fulani psychological militants taking on the appearance of herders who are assaulting our mothers, spouses, and sisters in our hedges and forests.”….


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