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IPMAN : Selling Petrol At N165/litre Is No Longer Possible – Fuel Scarcity


The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) has made sense of why there is fuel shortage in Lagos and different pieces of the country.

In a meeting with Stations TV, the Lagos Zonal Administrator of IPMAN, Associated Akinrinade demanded they were not protesting.

Akinrinade noticed that the working climate has become antagonistic to their organizations.

He additionally demanded the advertisers had not left protesting as conjectured.

IPMAN have closed down their stations, not on the grounds that we are striking; we are not protesting,” Akinrinade said.

“Rather, the business climate has been exceptionally threatening to us with the end goal that we can never again carry on with work under this condition. For you to stack a liter of petroleum, you pay in N162 per liter,” he added.

Akinrinade said that it was presently not practical to sell the item at the prescribed cost of N165 to a liter, adding that the arrival cost of petroleum was between N175 to N178 naira to the liter.

“Our individuals can never again sell (petroleum) at N165 per liter; as a matter of fact, there is no sensible individual around here that can sell beneath N180 per liter, so it isn’t as though we are protesting,” he finished up.

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