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Insecurity/Herdsmen:Restructuring may no longer save Nigeria, referendum is solution – Annkio-Briggs


How do you see the state of the nation? I, as a person, and a voice of many groups across the Niger Delta, and interacting with many groups in the Middle Belt, Yoruba land and Igboland, I am not surprised at where we are as a nation today. I don’t think that anybody who has been involved in the struggle for equity and justice in this country will be surprised at where we are as a country today.

What is surprising is the failure of the different ethnic nationalities, the traditional rulers, the political leadership, and the electorate to come to terms with the fact that we cannot continue with this self-deceit that there will come a time when the Federal Government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari with the Miyetti Allah having a say in the policy of the government will bring change.

The Miyetti Allah is supposed to be a business organization of cattle rearers but it has become very clear to a lot of people that it is part of a sinister plan by the Cabal. Some of them have transformed to herdsmen, Boko Haram, bandits and militias.

What is shocking is that we don’t seem to have a plan. In the 2014 National Conference, I understood the plight of the Middle Belt people and how they have endured what some of us thought were historical facts on account of the influence of Othman Dan Fodio in Northern Nigeria, sacking of Hausa kingdoms, how Nigeria was amalgamated and the role played by the then government.

It is now very clear that a deal was cut between the then colonial government and the Fulani ethnic nationality across Africa. The Fulani of Nigeria is nomadic pastoral people, who move from place to place. They have been able to move from one country to the other bearing in mind where they originated from. They don’t care that there are laws and boundaries across African nations.

I don’t believe that they have passports, you can’t identify the Nigerian Fulani today. The Fulani, under the guise of nomadic cattle rearing, have been establishing Ruga or Fulani colonies across countries in Africa. Recently, the Federal Government attempted to blatantly and brazenly support the idea and plan to forcefully go against the rule of law and Constitution of Nigeria and take land across Nigeria for Ruga for Fulani herdsmen. These are people that have 80 per cent of Nigeria’s landmass.

This is not enough for them, they want to add the remaining 20 per cent that the Yoruba, Igbo and Niger Delta ethnic nationalities share.



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