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INSECURITY: Bring killer-herdsmen to book, Bishop Ajakaye tells Buhari


INSECURITY: Bring killer-herdsmen to book, Bishop Ajakaye tells Buhari

By Luminous Jannamike ABUJA—THE Catholic Bishop of Ekiti, Most Revd Felix Ajakaye said,  yesterday,  that Nigerians were tired of President Muhammadu Buhari’s failed promises to bring perpetrators of the unabated killings in the country to book.

In an open letter released by the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria in Abuja, Ajakaye narrated how the Federal Government betrayed the hopes of the founding fathers of the nation and the citizens at large. He said: “More than ever before, in Nigeria today, daily, we are now experiencing fear and trepidation. Wanton killings, abductions and other evil acts are glaring. There is no respect for human dignity. Human lives are being terminated almost daily in Nigeria by fellow human beings indiscriminately. Unfortunately, the Government and the security agencies are always assuring the people that they are on top of the situation. “In fact, this is not the true presentation. As the Government and the security agencies continue to praise their achievements and present their victories in the media, in reality, the rate the killers, kidnappers and armed robbers operate and strike is alarming. Indeed, this is a sign that as they claim to be ‘on top of the situation, they are below the action. In this light, I call on our Government and the security agencies to be more ‘on top of the action’ rather being ‘on top of the situation. “Thus, we need more of assured action and sincerity of purpose. We do not need any deceit anymore. Nigeria belongs to all of us and no groups of people have the exclusive right to kill and maim. All of us have the right to live and defend ourselves when we are faced with danger. These are dangerous and trying times. “Nigerians and the International Community are tired of the Government’s promises and assurances of bringing to book the culprits of these unabated killings, kidnappings, armed robberies and other evil acts. Enough of the rhetoric. “I urge them to wake up from their slumber and be tactical and practical in their approach to the insecurity bedeviling our beloved country, Nigeria. “These terrorist attacks on the citizens and foreigners in Nigeria must be addressed concretely for the benefit of all and for the unity of Nigeria. What is the essence of celebrating democracy when there is serious insecurity in Nigeria? “This is not the time for blame game and accusations and counter-accusations. It is time for positive action. Nigeria is our country and we must not allow it to fail and fall.”


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