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Ignorance has to go, before wealth can start to flow – Reno Omokri


No.1 Best Selling Author – Reno Omokri has said that Ignorance has to go, before wealth can start to flow.

On his Social Media Account, He wrote: “Ignorance has to go, before wealth can start to flow. Fight your ignorance, not your enemies. Plot your success, not your revenge. Yearn to learn and you will discern to earn. Borrowing to consume is the same as consuming your progress. Save to invest, because you can’t save to grow rich. Finally, expand your income. Don’t just live beneath it.

“If you want to live a life of peace and tranquility, pray to God that money should flow around your close friends and family. Because if you are the only successful person in your family, or circle of friends, you may become a target! People only accuse their successful friends and family of forgetting them after they attained success. They never accuse their unsuccessful friends of forgetting them.”

“Shakespeare used the Bubonic plague lockdown of 1665 to write his greatest plays. Isaac Newton used the 1605 plague lockdown to invent calculus? What have you achieved during your #COVID19 lockdown?”

“If you consider yourself my mentee, make sure to attend my seminar titled ‘How To Improve Your Productivity and Explode Your Success’, next week Saturday at 9AM. It is a registration only webinar. Register via this link. I give you my word that this seminar will change your life.”


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