Igbo Entrepreneur Pledges to Sponsor Girl Chased Out of School till University Level


Abuja entrepreneur, Charles Okpaleke has pledged to sponsor till University level a little girl who was chased out from school for not paying school fees.

Earlier yesterday a girl of about 7 or 8 went viral after she was filmed complaining bitterly about being chased out from school for not paying school fees.

When asked why she wasn’t in school, the little bitterly lamented that she was sent home for not paying school fees. She said that her school authorities should have flogged her and let her stay in school than chasing her out from school.

Touched by the sad situation, Abuja Igbo entrepreneur, Charles Okpaleke took to his Instagram to repost the viral video and pledged that he’ll sponsor her education till her university level.

‘Who can genuinely track down the little girls parents! I’ll pay her school fees till she’s done with University… and I know God would keep providing for me to accomplish it!”