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“I won’t tolerate the proscription of IPOB” – Prof. Ben Nwabueze


“The Federal Government used double standards in the proscription of IPOB. What standard did they use to proscribed IPOB? They use another standard for Boko Haram, used another standard for Fulani herdsmen; these are the people they should have proscribed. The people who gave quit notice to Ndigbo to leave the north in 90 days by 1st October last year, they have not proscribed them.

  1. “This is the thing that has destroyed Nigeria overnight, and hate speech organized by that group called Arewa Youths intended to bring about ethnic cleansing; they are still moving about. I mean the Arewa youths, nobody proscribed them, nobody declared them a terrorist group like IPOB, who are doing nothing but agitation for Biafra. And those who have slaughtered and killed innocent citizens, the Fulani herdsmen, are moving about freely with AK-47s still killing people even the very day the President visited the state where they slaughtered people, and nothing was done,”——Prof. Ben Nwabueze

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