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I Will Totally Disgrace Buhari Using His Poor Records, He Represents Failure – Muoghalu


Presidential hopeful, Prof Kingsley Muoghalu has said that he is running against President Muhammadu Buhari, using his own (Buhari’s) records, and that he was sure of victory.

Muoghalu who was in Awka, Tuesday, for the inauguration of the Kingsley Moghalu Support Organisation, KIMSO, said winning Buhari would be an easy task as he only had to present the people with his poor record in the last three years for him to be rejected.

“Nine million people have lost their jobs since buhari came to power in 2015, Nigeria has become a killing field under him, even though he was a general.

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“The hood does not make the monk because he is running on an old name. I will beat him by simply using his poor record.

“Under Buhari, Nigeria has become the poverty capital of the world. India with 1.2billion people has overtaken Nigeria, which is less than 200million people. We have more people that are poor,” he said.

He said the central challenge of Nigeria was leadership, describing what the country has as transactional leadership instead of transformational leadership.

While inaugurating the Kingsley Muoghalu Support Organisation, the presidential hopeful described the group as men and women who shared his vision for change in Nigeria.


He said, “We are setting this up in all the 36 States of the country. It is a voluntary organisation and people are not coarsed into belonging. We are doing this because we need a leader, and not a ruler.”


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